Our Mission

The Colorado Coalition of Genocide Awareness and Action is a Colorado registered 501 - C - 3 who's mission is to challenge our society to end complacency towards and raise awareness of genocides past and present and take action to stop genocides present and future.

The information that the Coalition is providing relays forceful facts as they pertain to selected genocides and by no means is inclusive of all atrocities that have impacted humankind thoughout history.

The Need

In October of 1980, pursuant to an act of Congress, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum set aside one week every April for the Days of Remembrance. This is a week when the world takes time to remember the six million Jews and millions of others who were annihilated by the Nazis during World War II. Every year, during this week, we proclaim Never Again and every year we ask the questions: What have we learned from that horrible period in history and how can we use the Holocaust as a vehicle to end hatred and make sure that such atrocities never happen again?

In a speech delivered at the Darfur Emergency Summit on July 14, 2004, Elie Wiesel said, "How can a citizen of a free country not pay attention? How can anyone, anywhere not feel outraged? How can a person, whether religious or secular, not be moved by compassion? And above all, how can anyone who remembers remain silent"?

The year 2015 marked the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. The U.N. was established shortly after the end of World War II and the Holocaust in part to prevent future world wars and genocides. And yet, over sixty years later, we witness one genocide after another, leaving millions of innocent women, children and men maimed and dead. Architects of evil and genocide still continue to practice their despicable trade and the world still reacts too passively, too late.

The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.                               ~ Albert Einstein

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